Motivaatiovideo Gymnastic WOD tunneille!

Endurance WOD klo 8 ja klo 18
Each of the following is done in a continuos format without rest (other then specified)
A. Row 12 minutes for max distance, damper setting 10, Stroke rate 20-24
– Each pull should be as powerful as possible
B. For 8 minutes (active recovery)
Turkish get-up, light to moderate load, alternating sides, focus on quality not quantity
C. Continuous Bear+ complex for 10 minutes
– Bear+ complex is: Power Clean -> Front Squat -> Push Press -> Back Squat -> Lunge (1 each side) -> Behind the neck Push Press
– Choose barbell load based on your ability (you’ll be surprised how little weight you’ll need)
– Your goal is not to put the bar down for the whole 10 minutes a.k.a slow, steady pace, no breaks!
– DO NOT put the bar down!

(syke välillä 140-160)

Gymnastic WOD klo 19
20 Minute AMRAP
Run 600m
3 Rounds of:
2 MU
4 HSPU (use deficit as desired)
6 Box over jump (both feet touch at the same time on top of the box) 30″/24″

Basic WOD
klo 7 Day 2
klo 17.30 Day 12
klo 18.30 Eazy Day 2
klo 19.30 Day 3

Liikkuvuus klo 9 ja 20

Tekniikka klo 16 ja klo 17