Muista tekniikka alkeet klo 16 ja tekniikka pidemmälle ehtineet klo 17, Liikkuvuus klo 18

Gymnastics WOD klo 14
2 rounds
15 situps to pikes
15 pushups
15 airsquats

chest triceps shoulders
calves quads hammies

one leg jumps to box (start low with both feet)

ringdips with kip 3x ME

Hold Planche in Tuck Position for 1 minute (use box and DB)
Hold L Seat for 1 minute
Hold top of Bar Pull Up for 1 minute
Hold Handstand Hold Against Wall for 1 minute
Each time you break perform 5 V Ups
Rest as needed between 1 minute holds

hip flexors with rubberband
hold side spit 3 min for eac side

Endurance WOD klo 15
10 rounds of
1 minute of rowing
rest 15 sec
30 sec of burpees
rest 15 sec

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