HUOM! Kehoanalyysi siirtynyt maanantaille! Varaa aikasi nimilistaan taululta.

Warm up
Pull ups chest to bar (butterfly)
Toes to bar
dips L sit

burgener warm up

Kuppikeinunta / Hollow rock
Kaarikeinunta / Arch rock

SNATCH (Squat)
kolmosia practice form
Push JERK (voi ottaa telineestä)
cycle 2


3 rounds for time of:

8 Hang Snatch (full squat) 60kg/30kg
23 C2B Pullups
32 Single Arm BB OH Walk Lunges  20kg/10kg
*There is a 15 minute time cap.
Notes: Single Arm Lunges should be apportioned with 16 steps taken while
the BB is held with the left arm, and viceversa

Eazy Wod
8 Snatch (maybe power snatch & overhead squat, scale weight)
23 rubber or jumping pullups
32 lunges (overhead with a plate or front rack with medball)